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Jed James Psychotherapy

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We each have an authentic self, and things we know to be deeply true about our hearts, minds, identities and lives. I believe that no matter how confused we may feel, we can all find our way back to what is unique, creative and courageous in ourselves. These are challenging times. There is nothing maladjusted about feeling anxious or depressed in a world that does not feel equitable or safe. My goal is not to help you adjust to broken things; it is to build upon the strengths of your identity, your values and your truth so that you can work towards the goals that are important to you.

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About Me

I am a trans masculine, queer provider who specializes in working with trans and/or queer folks, although I do work with people of all genders and orientations. 

I consider it a great privilege to witness others' lives and to partner with them as they do their work. By entrusting me with their sorrows, their celebrations, their questions and their discoveries, my clients teach me, inspire me and give me hope. 

I am on my own healing journey. While I don't often talk about this journey with my clients, it informs my empathy for their hard work and keeps me grounded in a sense of partnership, humility and equality with the people whom I serve. 

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About Therapy

When I begin working with a client, the one thing I know for certain is that I don't have that person's answers. What I do have is great faith in each person's ability to gradually unearth their truth, given a safe and encouraging space in which to explore. As you and I get to know each other, I may suggest different approaches that I think could be beneficial, but your therapy always belongs to you. My style is validating, gradual, authentic and encouraging. Your pain and your losses deeply matter and are important to me.  Equally, I love to share in your celebrations and your laughter.

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I offer and  prioritize single session, informed consent based appointments to complete surgery or hormone-related letters.

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